Browsers and Apps

Chrome browser is a bit bloated but it is my default browser to get things done.

These days I often use Safari a bit more. I have tried using Brave browser but it does not seem to stick for me.

Chrome extensions

  • WordPress Admin Bar Control: Allows me to quickly toggle hide or show the logged in WP admin bar.
  • 1Password: This extension helps a lot to login to a website using 1Password.
  • Cookie-Editor: Quickly create, edit and delete cookies without leaving the tab.
  • Sent to Calendar: Send events to Google Calendar automagically from any webpage 

Apps on my computer

Writing and Editing

Notes, Docs and Ideas

  • Google Docs – I often scratch out a blog post on a Google Doc.
  • Pen and Paper – Great for simple quick temporary notes.
  • Pen and Journal / Notebooks – I try to write about my thoughts every day. I try not to stick to a template but just let it flow.

I like using Sublime Text but I am not really a power user as I am not a developer.


  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram


I love open-source and contribute to the project mainly on the community side. It’s a place I truly call home when it comes to building a website online.

Here are some of the popular themes and plugins I use with WordPress.

  • Twenty Twenty two: I recently created a website for an independent journalist using the Full Site Editing features.
  • Hosting: For my personal blog and website, I have a Business plan from Some of its recent additions are really great.
  • Digital Ocean: I still use a quick droplet on DO to spin up a quick test website especially. For doing this I usually use EasyEngine.
  • Yoast SEO: A nice SEO plugin for WordPress. The plugin feels a bit bloaty but I trust Yoast because I see a lot of their folks actively contributing to the WordPress project.
  • Local: To spin up a local WordPress site on my machine

Devices and Headphones